Our Story

As a former financial advisor who invested in the financial markets, I have a clear understanding of the difference between private real estate opportunities and large publicly traded companies. I wanted to build a company that could offer diversification from the stock and equities markets, investment opportunities that offer the additional security of an underlying tangible asset. You cannot create more land and it is hard to destroy. Dirt doesn’t evaporate away like a company can. Commercial Real Estate offers attractive returns, great risk adjusted yields, passive income, cash flow, and portfolio diversification.

More importantly, I wanted to have decision making control and the ability to take an in depth look behind the scenes of a potential investment.  It’s important to me as an investor and a financial professional to have a hands-on, look under the hood approach to analyze the investment and the people behind it. I am offering a transparency that clients don’t get with a large company, stock, REIT or mutual fund. If we don’t get total transparency, then we do not invest. We also insist on having some control and say in the project and be an integral part of the decision-making process. This helps to mitigate our risk and influence the outcome.

I am investing my capital right along side the investors in each project I take on. When you invest with Loewen Capital, you become a part of my investment family. I take this very seriously and it puts things on a different level than other advisors. A Stockbroker or Financial Advisor doesn’t put his/her money in a fund with you. They get paid whether you make money or not. My profits are directly tied to the success of the project, the same as the investors. REITS and other forms of Real Estate vehicles typically have very high fees and investors have no say in decision making once in a fund. You are a passive partner kept at arms-length and only along for the ride.

I built this firm to give others the chance to create wealth in a way they otherwise would not be able to. It’s an opportunity to invest the way large firms do but with the capital of an individual accredited investor. I want my investors to have a clear understanding of where they are placing their money and to feel like true partners in the projectCommunication, clear and frequentis an essential element in a successful business relationship. My integrity and your satisfaction as an investor depend on that.


“The fact that he is not a huge company, there is a real advantage to that. He takes it very personal that he has other people’s money and so I think he has a connection with all of us and he handles our money with a lot of respect and stewardship.” – Dr. David Sabet


Jason Loewen

Previously the founder and CEO of Reliant Portfolio Management, Jason earned his MBA at the W.P. Carey School of Business and works tirelessly to achieve his client’s financial goals. He has been involved in more than 175 real estate transactions totaling in excess of $110M and currently oversees a $10M Private Placement debt offering for Phoenix property acquisitions. Jason also previously served clients as a private wealth advisor at Merrill Lynch, where he consistently created above market returns for his clients.


Dan Rikkers

Dan manages Langdon Equities, a boutique commercial real estate capital advisory platform, which he founded in 2006 in Phoenix. Langdon has closed over $375M of equity and debt transactions across the country over the past five years. Previously Dan was a Vice President at Patriot Equities in Philadelphia sourcing and structuring direct commercial real estate investments and a Vice President at Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. in New York arranging debt. Also in New York, Dan worked on over $40 billion worth of transactions in Deutsche Bank’s Real Estate Debt Capital Markets Group. Dan holds dual BBA degrees in Real Estate and Investments, Banking and Finance from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.