We believe that the biggest challenge facing real estate investors today is simple: how do you find the BEST opportunities from among the tens of thousands of projects available? At Loewen Capital our goal is to bridge that gap. How do we do it? We crisscross the country by plane, car, and foot to find those hidden opportunities that have potential. If we find something of interest, we use our experienced financial team to do a thorough analysis of the numbers. Throughout The Process we focus on integrity, professionalism, and transparency when working with our clients. Read More

Our mission is to bring real estate investment opportunities to our clients that they cannot find elsewhere or may never have the chance to see. Through our research, extensive knowledge of real estate trends, and financial expertise in analyzing numbers we can identify potential projects in which we can create investments of significant worth.

Loewen Capital strongly believes:

Trust is vital to our business, we work hard to earn it and keep it.

Integrity means we do what we say, say what we do, and are committed to keeping our word.

Respect is a mutual relationship we have with clients and associates.

Transparency is creating real value from honest investments with clear communication.

Hard work and discipline create results.

Responsibility is the backbone of our business.

Honor is doing what’s right and living a principled life.

Customer service is personal service created from developing long standing relationships.

“His philosophy is, he is always looking for singles and doubles. I’m sure he’s looking for the home run too but that isn’t what drives him. He’s driven to find a piece of property which will provide you with a solid return and then deliver on that.” – Dr. Steve Rudy