find value.
create value.


At Loewen Capital, this is what we do. With a tactical, boots-on-the-ground approach, we seek out real estate investments with value potential, then we create investment opportunities with merit through a process designed to maximize profit and mitigate risk. We offer investors access to large scale real estate projects that might otherwise be unattainable. Loewen Capital, along with our strategic partners, carries out extensive research on real estate ventures, we do the heavy lifting for you. When you invest in real estate you hold tangible real assets, that provides growth and portfolio stability.

“I’ve watched Jason mature and grow over the years. Before getting his MBA Jason flipped single family homes when the market was ripe for that. I’ve seen him get on his hands and knees laying tile and doing whatever was needed to maximize his return. He’s not engaging in manual labor anymore, but he puts the same intensity and level of work into his projects to meet his investment objectives.” – Dr. Barrie May